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Mario Map

Mario's Map

Lovi the Cicada Sings

Lovi Hits a High Note

Microraptor Dances-03.jpg

Microraptor Dances


Spotted Lantern Fly

Jazz at the Rainbow Lounge-07.jpg
Ant Sisters
Harold Camo 2-06.jpg

Harold in Camo

Ladybug Breasts
1 Grasshopper High Res-01.jpg

Grasshopper Up Close

Poetry Room.jpg
Horse's Ass Cafe

The Horse's Ass Cafe

Harold Plays Guitar-01 (2).jpg
Girrafes and Monkey Final-01.jpg
Damselfly by the river

The Ant Sisters


Monkey and Giraffe

Daphne on the Rocks

Harold Plays Guitar

ladybug flies a dragonfly drone

Cokie Flies her Drone

Harold and Nate Final

Harold Walks his pet Sowbug

Wire Mosquito Mandolin-03.jpg

Praying Mantis

Plays the Bass 

Pen and Paper Drawings

The Robot Deformity Final.jpg
Cylinder Man-01.jpg
Brain Left Intentionally Blank Final.jpg
Guy with Mouth Open-01.jpg
Vernon Goes Fast Final.jpg
Eyes of the Needles
Roping the Pipes